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CSJ King Publishing

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CSJ King Publishing, LLC offers the following customer services:

  • Professional hard-copy book design, layout, and typesetting. Your book will be for sale as a print-on-demand title through and other third-party distributors.

  • Professional formatting of your manuscript for digital e-book readers. Your manuscript will be ready to load onto for the Kindle, and barnes& (NOOK) and iTunes for the iOS e-reader platform. You will be able to take our files, upload to these e-book distributors, and manage your sales yourself, or we can do this for you.

  • Creation and/or formatting of your illustrations and cover graphics for print or e-books.

CSJ King Publishing provides you with more than 46 years of combined experience in the publishing business. We are professionally trained on our software systems. Because we are a home-based business with low overhead, we are able to provide you with professional, quality work at reasonable prices. Please contact us at (608)835-8583 or email us if you would like more information.


CSJ King Copy offers the following customer services:

  • Direct Response Copy

  • Web Copy

  • Website Home Pages

  • Website Landing Pages

  • Sales Pages

  • Blogs

  • E-mail

  • Copyediting

  • e-book Publishing

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Please contact Didi at (608)835-8583, or email us if you would like more information.