CSJ King Publishing

Our Vision

Our mission is to provide services of the highest possible quality. We strive to develop positive relationships with all of our clients by working with them to provide these services as timely and cost-efficiently as possible.

Our Company

Repeat Productions was founded in 1995 by Didi and Jeff King. Didi received her degree in music performance and has been a music engraver since 1989. She has played in a community jazz band, writes poetry and children's stories, writes and arranges music, and is a direct response copywriter. Jeff also has an interest in music; he met Didi in that jazz band. He has a background in business and project management, and has experience in typesetting, graphics creation, and e-book publishing. In 2012 we became CSJ King Publishing as we added more specialties to our services.

CSJ King Publishing is a home-based business, located in Oregon, Wisconsin (just south of Madison). Because of our low overhead, we are able to provide professionally-created products at more reasonable prices. We can provide references and samples at your request.

We attempt to treat every customer honestly and fairly. We consider ourselves as a "partner" in your business; if you're not successful, neither are we. We believe that this approach is what makes a good foundation for long-term business and personal relationships.

Didi & Jeff