Music Engraving & Desktop Publishing

CSJ King Publishing

CSJ King Publishing and Repeat Productions have been a premiere provider of high-quality music engraving, graphics creation, and typesetting services since 1995. With experience in the engraving business since 1989, we provide quality, award-winning products that meet our clients' schedules. Project sizes have ranged from single-page graphics to 700-page hymnals. We are very experienced in various types of music, including:

  •  · small or large choral works
  •  · hymnals
  •  · band orchestral and jazz band scores and parts
  •  · piano
  •  · organ
  •  · handbells
  •  · musicals
  •  · text books

We offer the following customer services:

  • Music Engraving using Finale
  • Typesetting (InDesign)
  • Illustration Design & Creation (Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Proofreading
  • Project Management

We have experience producing a variety of musical styles (band scores, choral pieces, hymnals, keyboard music), music books, textbooks, periodicals and journals, newsletters, fliers, announcements, and advertisements. Repeat Productions provides you more than 46 years of combined experience in the publishing business. We are professionally trained on our software systems. Because we are a home-based business with low overhead, we are able to provide you with professional, quality work at reasonable prices.

Samples are available upon request.

Please contact us at (608)835-8583, or email us at if you would like more information.


Winner of Paul Revere Award for Graphic Excellence: